Herbed Pan Gravy (#1295)

Christmas Holidays Poultry Turkey
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  • 1 Turkey Giblets if desired
  • 6 cups Water
  • 3 cups Chicken Broth reduced salt, divided or a mixture of beef and chicken stock
  • 1/4 cup All-Purpose Flour
  • 3/4 cup White Wine
  • 1 Tbsp Herbs freshly minced, optional
  • 1 Salt to taste
  • 1 Black Pepper to taste


  1. Giblet stock: Place giblets (except the liver) and water into a saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer, skimming and discarding any foam that appears for 1 hour.
  2. After removing the turkey from the roasting pan, pour and pan juices and fat into a measuring cup and place in freezer so the fat will rise to the top, about 10 minutes. Skim off the fat and discard. Add any accumulated juices from the resting turkey to the defatted pan juices, add the giblet stock plus enough chicken stock to measure 5 cups of liquid.
  3. Whisk 1/2 cup of chicken stock and flour in a bowl until smooth.
  4. Set the roasting pan on your largest burner or two burners of your stove over medium-high heat. Add the wine to deglaze the pan and bring to a boil cooking, scraping up any brown bits of flavor until the liquid is reduced, about 5 minutes. Add the 5 cups of liquid and increase heat to high to return to a boil. Boil until reduced to about 3 cups, about 10 minutes or so.
  5. Whisk the stock and flour mixture into the roasting pan. Constantly whisking and bring to a boil for 2 or 3 minutes.
  6. Remove from heat and pour through a fine sieve. Stir in herbs, taste and adjust seasoning (salt and pepper) as needed.
  7. Serve.
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